20.03.2020 | Advice

How to Write an Obituary

Following the passing of a loved one, you may want to write a meaningful obituary to publish in your local papers or on social...
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10.03.2020 | Advice

How to Prepare Loved Ones for Your Death

It’s a fact of life that were are all going to pass away at some point or another. While it’s not something you probably...
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13.02.2020 | Advice

Understanding The Probate Process

When a loved one passes away, the grief and emotion can be all-consuming. But, when you’re also the person that is responsible for dealing...
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02.12.2019 | Advice

Who is Next of Kin When Someone Dies?

It is normally the next of kin that is with their loved one in hospital when they pass away. But, what does “next of...
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11.11.2019 | Advice

What is a Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations are an increasingly popular and affordable alternative to traditional funeral services, without compromising on the quality of care. They are a modern...
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21.10.2019 | Advice

What to Write on Funeral Flowers

When somebody passes away, you may feel obliged to do something in order to respect the deceased even if you didn’t know them very...
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20.09.2019 | Advice

7 Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Own Funeral

It’s a fact of life that we are all going to die. It might not be something you want to think about, but you...
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09.09.2019 | Advice

How to Arrange an Eco-Friendly Funeral Service

Arranging an eco-friendly funeral service (otherwise known as a green funeral) is a fitting way of paying tribute to someone who loved nature and...
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19.08.2019 | Advice

What To Say When Someone Dies

Have you ever wondered what to say to friends and family who have just lost a loved one? Is it difficult to find the...
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06.08.2019 | Advice

What is A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Funeral planning might not be a priority right now, but having a plan in place for your own funeral is important. With the cost...
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