All local crematoria now have the facilities to download pieces of music of your choice and play it during the service, in addition to the option to provide an organist. If the funeral is being held at a burial chapel or church, we can arrange for someone to play the organ at the service. We can also provide a choral accompaniment for crematorium services.


We know a number of professional soloists who will perform pieces of music at funeral services. Some prefer to sing classical music or hymns, while others offer a much wider selection. Whatever your wishes, we will endeavour to fulfil them.


Having a piper to lead or play at the funeral service can be very dramatic and is steeped in tradition and symbolism. Bagpipes have been used for funeral services during centuries, but they are now becoming more of a popular choice and common feature at traditional funeral services in the United Kingdom. They can add a special and heartfelt touch to a funeral service by providing sweet, comforting melodies.


Having a live band play at a funeral can be a great way of creating an atmosphere that reflects a loved one’s personality, and a way of bringing together friends and family. Whether you are looking for a New Orleans jazz band or a string quartet, our funeral arrangers will endeavour to organise this to make the funeral as personal as possible.


Funeral hymns play an important part in traditional funeral services in the UK. Traditional funeral hymns are a heartfelt way of providing a personalised tribute to loved ones, especially if they were a devoted Christian. If you are a little unsure about what the popular funeral hymns are or how to choose them for a funeral service, then the team at S. Stibbards & Sons are more than happy to provide you with the guidance and advice you require.


Poems are a popular choice for funerals and a great way of captivating the spirit of those who have passed away. Just like hymns, funeral poems can help bring a group of people together and provide a sense of comfort. Some can represent sorrow, while others celebrate a life once lived and mortality. Some popular funeral poems in the UK include Life Goes On by Joyce Grenfell, Remember Me by David Harkins, Farewell My Friends by Rabindranath Tagore and Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

Webcasting and recording of services

Personal attendance will always be the first choice, but for those unable to attend, a webcast or recording of the service at least provides the opportunity to watch the event. We can offer this service if the funeral takes place at certain local crematoria. The webcast enables anyone in the world to watch the funeral live in full-screen video, without the need for any technical knowledge or special software.

Supporting You Along The Way

If you wish to have a discussion with one of our funeral arrangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life.