There is a long-standing tradition of people using flowers as an expression of sympathy and celebration of life. Floral displays are a simple and beautiful way to pay your respects and show your support at the time of the funeral.

Floral tributes most commonly adorn the funeral home, funeral vehicle and coffin. You will find that florists offer a vast selection of bouquets, wreaths, sprays, coffin displays and more personal designs for the occasion.

Some people like to select their floral tributes from set arrangements offered by the florist, taking their professional advice. Others prefer to create a bespoke tribute, choosing their own combination of styles, flowers and colours. If you wish, you can take this one step further and personalise the floral display with names, sentiments and designs of your choice.

Your funeral arranger will be happy to discuss floral tributes with you and place an order on your behalf. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements for the floral tributes, and your funeral arranger will incorporate them into the funeral as per your wishes.

We recommend that the flowers are delivered to the office at which the funeral has been arranged on the morning of the funeral.

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Supporting You Along The Way

If you wish to have a discussion with one of our funeral arrangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life.