FAQ on Funerals and Covid 19 - click here
FAQ on Funerals and Covid 19 - click here
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Chapel of Rest

The chapel of rest is a quiet, dignified environment in which friends and family can pay their last respects to their loved one. Each of our offices has its own private chapel of rest. In order to make your visit as peaceful as possible, appointments need to be made and the following guidance should be noted.

Once funeral arrangements have been made and confirmed, we suggest that at least three working days should be left before families make appointments at the chapel of rest. This gives time for the completion of paperwork, the preparation of the coffin and the care of the deceased. Please be aware that three days is only a guide and on occasion may have to be extended depending on individual circumstances.

Can I see my relative in the Chapel of Rest during the Pandemic?

Yes, we have closely followed the advice from Public Health England and they have not restricted relatives from visiting the Chapel of Rest, even if your relative has passed away of the coronavirus.  We believe that a last goodbye is so important to families, especially during this time when many are unable to visit their loved ones before they pass away due to restrictions at Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  Our professional staff work safely and are provided with the recommended PPE, meaning that we are able to care for your loved no matter the circumstances that led to their passing.  For your safety and that of our dedicated colleagues, we will ask your permission to carry out a procedure called embalming, which will ensure that your loved one continues to rest peacefully whilst in our care.  You can even supply a favorite outfit for your relative to be dressed in or if you prefer, we can supply a suitable gown for them.  Our only restriction is that we request that only 2 family members at a time attend the Chapel of Rest but we will work with you to ensure that everyone who wishes to visit is able to.

Booking an appointment

Appointments for visits to the chapel of rest should be made through the office where the funeral has been arranged, during normal office hours.

Out of hours Visitation

We understand that not everyone is able to visit the Chapel of Rest during normal office hours, so we are able to offer ‘out of hours’ appointments to all our Chapels of Rest upon request and subject to availability.

N.B. Please note that these are limited to 2 visits per family.
(Excludes direct cremation and essentials packages)

N.B. We will always try to accommodate any specific requests but these cannot be guaranteed, please consult with your arranger for any special requests, such as extended visitation periods.

Appointment Hours

Monday - Friday

10am - 4:30pm

Visits to the chapel of rest last for half an hour. If you feel that your family requires longer than this, please let us know when arranging your visit.

Supporting you along the way

Stibbards & Sons

If you wish to have a discussion with one of our funeral arrangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life.