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S. Stibbards & Sons have experience arranging funerals within the local community that spans over 5 generations. We understand that everyone is different, which is why we have many options available to help you create a memorable and personal funeral service. If you are unsure of anything such as what music to choose, what different types of funeral service there are, or what traditional funeral flowers mean, then our blog can be a great place to get started.

Ways to Commemorate The Anniversary of Your Loved One’s Death

The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be a difficult and hard time, but one for contemplation and remembrance. Because everyone is different, it’s entirely down to your personal preference whether you mark the anniversary or not. And, the…

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The Different Types of Funeral Readings

Funeral readings offer a heartfelt way of expressing our feelings about the passing of a loved one. They are used during funeral services and other celebrations to pay respect, honour the deceased and offer a sense of comfort to those…

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Why You Should Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

Nobody likes to think about the prospect of dying, and not everyone likes to plan ahead, especially not for something like their own funeral service. However, there are many different reasons why you should choose a pre-paid funeral to outline…

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