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19.01.2021 | Advice

Using Nature to Help You Through Grief

It’s fairly well known that experiencing the natural world is a major boost to your mental health. But as well as giving you a...
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04.01.2021 | Advice

Choosing the Inscription on a Headstone

Choosing the inscription on a headstone or memorial plaque can be more difficult than you think. It can make those responsible anxious, it can...
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beautiful cherry blossoms

17.12.2020 | Advice

Helping Someone Through Grief

If you’re helping someone through grief, understand that death is always hardest on those left behind. When someone experiences the death of a loved...
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10.12.2020 | Advice

Who Legally Owns the Ashes?

If you’re an executor of a will you may find yourself in the delicate situation of having to make decisions based on vague or...
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purple flowers

04.12.2020 | Advice

Using the Tell Us Once Service

The Tell Us Once scheme was created by the Department for Work and Pensions to help people notify the relevant authorities of a death...
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lit candle

20.11.2020 | Advice

Dealing with Grief and Loss at Christmas

As the festive period approaches it can be especially hard if you’re dealing with grief. If it’s your first Christmas since suffering a bereavement...
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melted candles

12.11.2020 | Advice

Are You Worried About Visiting the Chapel of Rest?

Having a chance to say a final goodbye is important for many people. It can form part of the grieving process and help with...
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15.10.2020 | Advice

When Bereavement Gets Complicated. What is Complex Grief?

Bereavement is always a difficult time. But for some people the grieving process becomes extended. This type of grief affects their ability to move...
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stibbards candles

09.10.2020 | Advice

If Your Loved One Wants a Celebration of Life

When someone dies it’s more common today that they will want a celebration of life after, or even instead of, a traditional memorial service....
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funeral flowers

18.09.2020 | Advice

If You Are a Pallbearer at a Funeral Service

If you find yourself in the position of being a pallbearer at funeral service you may find it emotionally challenging, nerve wracking and an...
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