Supplying Own Clothes

We encourage you to supply clothes for your loved one to be dressed in whilst they are in our care and for the funeral.

We respectfully ask that all clothes are supplied to us within 72 hrs of the arrangements being made, so that any visitation that you require can take place as soon as possible. As a general guide, we will need the following items:-

  • The clothes that the deceased would normally wear, including underwear, please do not supply shoes.
  • A recent photograph for the setting of hair styles
  • Their favourite aftershave or perfume.
  • Glasses and costume jewellery. (Glasses & some jewellery will need to be removed for cremation)

N.B. – Please be very clear with us if you wish for any items of clothing to be returned to you. Unless specifically stated all items with the deceased on the day of the funeral will be left with them for the committal, if allowed by cremation law.

Bringing items in to be placed in the coffin

We welcome you to bring items in to be placed with your loved on and remain with them. If the service is to be a burial there is very little restriction as to what can be placed in the coffin. If the service is to be a cremation however there are a number of restricted items, such as Glass, Batteries, some metals and plastics. If you have any items that you are not sure about, please talk to us and we will advise you accordingly. As an alternative small items, such as jewellery, can be reunited with the ashes of your loved after the service.

White Gown

White Gown

Pink Gown

Pink Gown

Blue Gown

Blue Gown

Unreturned Shoes & Glasses

Any shoes or glasses which are removed before the cremation and not returned to the family are donated to our local Lions & H.A.R.P. charities for use in the third world and the homeless.


All of our bespoke coffins and caskets are individually prepared, lined with a quilted padding and double throw satin frill, which can be coordinated with the funeral dress. The colours below are for representative purposes only and may differ slightly from those supplied

Maroon interior


Peach interior


Pink interior


Floral interior


red interior


Royal Blue interior

Royal Blue

White interior


Burgundy interior


Cream interior


Light Blue interior

Light Blue

Lilac interior


Mint interior


Navy Blue interior

Navy Blue

Supporting You Along The Way

If you wish to have a discussion with one of our funeral arrangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life.