What to do with your loved one’s ashes can be one of the hardest decisions in the whole process of planning a funeral. To make your decision easier, we’ve listed some of the most popular ways families give their loved one the perfect send off.


There are a number of burial grounds in the local area, including privately owned and municipal cemeteries, woodland burial areas and churchyards. Generally, most have an area set aside for the internment of cremated remains and some form off memorial is usually allowed.

Scattering the ashes

Scattering your loved one’s ashes can be a great way to set their spirit free and a final tribute to a unique life. In particular, many families choose to scatter the ashes on a spot that the deceased love, perhaps a patch of his garden or a particular holiday location.

Retaining the ashes

Some families choose not to inter or scatter the ashes, instead keeping them somewhere special, the family home for instance. We have a wide selection of beautiful urns and containers for this purpose, which you can find here.


Supporting You Along The Way

If you wish to have a discussion with one of our funeral arrangers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can talk through yours and your loved one’s needs and discuss how we can best celebrate their life.