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Deciding what to include on an order of service when a loved one passes away can be a difficult task during an already emotionally challenging time. However, it is an opportunity for you to celebrate your loved one’s life and produce a special tribute for those present at the funeral service. It is also a chance to collaborate with friends and family by choosing what photos and messages to include in the order of service.

An order of service contributes to the lasting memory of your loved one, which is why you should invest time into making sure it is perfect. To help, we have written this blog post so you can create an order of service that is the perfect tribute and as unique as the life you are celebrating.

Choosing the Design or Template

Choosing the design or template is a very important decision to make. This is because it will set the overall tone of the funeral service and reflect the character of those who have passed away. Designs and templates can vary, so it’s essential to have a really good think about how you want it to look.

The Front Page

Once you have chosen the design or template, you need to decide what to include on the front page. This is the first thing that those present at the funeral service will see, so it is best to keep it as simple as possible. You can include the following things on the front page, but it is down to your preferences whether to include them all:

  • The date and location of the funeral service
  • The name of your loved one
  • The date they were born and the date they passed away
  • A photograph
  • A short message

Selecting the Photograph

Selecting a photograph of your loved one for the front page is a great opportunity for your family and friends to come together. You can sit down and look through old photo albums and select the one that you all think reflects the character and personality of your loved one.

The Service Schedule

The next few pages on the order of service normally include the schedule that informs the attendees of what will happen during the ceremony. What you include entirely depends on your preferences and if you are being guided by a funeral conductor. Although, you may want to consider including the following in the schedule:

  • An introduction by the funeral conductor
  • The musical procession as attendees enter the service
  • The words to any songs or hymns that are going to be played
  • Group prayers and the words
  • Committal and blessing
  • The closing music as attendees leave the service


Once you have chosen what to include in the order of service, you can begin adding additional memories to the booklet. Many family members choose to add extra photographs or lyrics from their loved one’s favourite songs or poems. You could also choose to include a timeline of your loved one’s life by picking out some of their achievements and key milestones.

The Final Page

The final page of an order of service will normally include another photograph of those who have passed. You may also want to include a thank you message on the final page and include the details of the wake if you choose to have one.

S. Stibbards & Sons Are Here to Help

We can help you create an order of service for your loved one’s funeral. S. Stibbards & Sons have five generations of experience serving our local community since 1867, which means that every little detail matters to us just as much as it matters to you. If you choose us, we will arrange a time to come and visit you in your own home to discuss your loved one’s funeral and the order of service. If you would like to discuss your loved one’s funeral with S.Stibbards & Sons, please get in touch through our contact page today. Our funeral arrangers can help you create an order of service that you will cherish for many years to come.

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