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The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be a difficult and hard time, but one for contemplation and remembrance. Because everyone is different, it’s entirely down to your personal preference whether you mark the anniversary or not. And, the way you choose to mark the anniversary could change as each year passes. So, if the anniversary of someone’s death is approaching and you are unsure how to commemorate it, S. Stibbards & Sons have created this short blog post to help inspire you.

Visit Your Loved One’s Final Resting Place

This is one of the most popular ways of commemorating someone’s passing. It could be something that you choose to do on a regular basis but can bring a sense of extra comfort on such an anniversary. If you decided to scatter their ashes in a place that was personally special to them, then a trip there could form part of a day that you spend together with other family members and friends.

Hold a Remembrance Ceremony

If religion played an important part of your loved one’s life, then you could commemorate the anniversary of their death by holding a remembrance ceremony. You could choose to hold this as part of your church’s Sunday service or in the comfort of your own home.

Take A Day to Spend Some Time Out

The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be an emotionally challenging and hard time. Some people choose to commemorate the anniversary by spending time away from the places that they have memories with their loved one with.

Look at Old Photographs

Maybe you have a distinctive memory in mind that you would like to look at or have some favourite photos in mind that would make you smile. Digging out some old photographs of your loved one can bring a great sense of comfort on the anniversary of their death. However, do be aware that if you plan on looking at photographs with other family members, some can find the experience distressing.

Write a Poem or Song

Writing a poem or song can be a therapeutic way of processing emotionally challenging thoughts when commemorating an anniversary. It can also be a beautiful way of expressing heartfelt sentiments. You could keep the poem or song to yourself and read it back to yourself for a sense of comfort or choose to share it with your family or close friends. It’s entirely down to your personal preference and how comfortable you feel doing so.

Place Their Favourite Pieces of Music

Music is incredibly powerful when mourning the passing of a loved one together with commemorating the anniversary of their death. On the day that mark’s their death, you could listen to their favourite pieces of music or create a playlist so you can listen to different songs together with friends and family.

Plant a Tree

When it comes to close friends and family, trees have symbolic importance. For some people, there is no better way to commemorate the anniversary of a loved one’s death than planting a new tree. Knowing that a tree will live and grow for many generations to come brings comfort to those who plant them because even though their loved one may no longer be with them, their memory and influence lives on.

How We Can Help You

Stibbards & Sons have five generations of experience serving our local community, which means we know how difficult it can be to mark the passing of a loved one. If you would like to speak with one of our team about the different way in which you can commemorate the anniversary of your loved one’s death, please get in touch through our contact page today.


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