Losing a loved one is a difficult time for everyone – but the looming funeral costs can add more stress to your grieving. When it comes to financing their funeral and ‘send-off’, the costs become increasingly expensive. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the average costs of funerals in the UK. We’ve compiled the data in this infographic to show the average cost of funerals and ‘cost of dying’.

The average cost of funeral services in the UK is around £4,078 by the end of 2017. This cost is solely for arranging the funeral and paying funeral directors fees.

Additional costs arise when paying for legal services to settle the deceased’s estate and other funeral costs – such as flowers, catering for the wake, extra limousines and funeral transport for family etc.

Legal costs are around £2,899 whilst additional funeral costs average at £1,928. This makes the total ‘cost of dying’ £8,905.

Over the past 5 years, the increase in funeral costs has risen. Back in 2013, the average amount was £3,456. By 2015 it had risen to £3,603. Finally, in 2017 the average funeral cost was £4,078 – predicted to rise by the end of 2018 and further.

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