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A memorial service is an opportunity for family members and close friends to pay their respects to a loved one. Different from a traditional funeral, a memorial service is a type of ceremony where mourners attend to celebrate their loved one’s life.

When it comes to arranging a memorial service, there are no set rules or regulations that you need to follow. They can also take place more than once and at any time following someone’s death.

Planning a Memorial Service

Before making any memorial service arrangements, you should read through your loved one’s Will or funeral finance plan (if they had one) to see if they left any instructions. This can help inspire you to create a meaningful service that’s in line with your loved one’s preferences.

Memorial services are a very emotional time for the bereaved in attendance. With that in mind, it’s important to consider that some may want to celebrate the life of your loved one while others may want to spend their time in silence during the memorial. So, it’s very important to include other people during the decision-making process to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

The venue that you choose will also dictate what type of memorial service you have to remember your loved one. And, in many ways, choosing the venue is one of the most important decisions to make.

Cemeteries and Churchyards

Although memorial services can take place anywhere, the majority of them take place at a cemetery or churchyard. They are both considered as traditional memorial service locations where mourners can reflect on the life of their loved ones peacefully and quietly.

Cemetery memorials do sometimes come with limitations like how many people are allowed to be in attendance. But, this does make them a popular choice for those wanting a small memorial service where only the family and closest of friends attend.

Both cemetery and churchyard memorials are also associated with religion so are more preferred amongst those wanting a religious element to their loved one’s memorial service.


Similar to cemeteries and churchyards, crematoriums offer a quiet and peaceful place to have a memorial service. They are also a place that are associated with religion.

The majority of crematoriums will also provide a memorial book to mourners so that family and friends can share their memories and thoughts during the service.

Private Venues and Spaces

Many people choose to hold a memorial service in a private venue to add a bit of personality based on their loved one’s character. Although family homes are often used, private venues and spaces can be of special significance.

For example, if those who have died were big lovers of the environment, then you may choose to hold their memorial service within a protected green space. Or, if they were big fans of wildlife, then perhaps you could hold their memorial service within a nature reserve.

More than just choosing a personalised location, private venues and spaces allow for the whole event to be based on the deceased’s life. You could include music, choose to decorate the space or even encourage a theme that is based on their personality.

Other Things to Consider When Planning a Memorial Service

Wherever you choose to hold a memorial service, a popular idea is to create keepsakes to help the attendees remember the service and the life of your loved one.

Something that is growing in popularity, especially in the UK, is the collection of donations for a particular charity or cause. Setting up an online memorial page where mourners can make donations and express their sorrow is a great way of raising money. An online memorial page can also provide an opportunity for those unable to attend the service to send their condolences.

S. Stibbards & Sons Are Here to Help

A memorial service is a special way to honour the life of a loved one. Whether you want a traditional service, add something unique, or want to do something completely different, there is no right or wrong way to go about holding a memorial service.

If you have recently lost a loved one and need help arranging a meaningful memorial service to remember them by, then S. Stibbards & Sons can help. We have been serving our local community since 1867, which means every little detail matters to us just as much as it matters to you and your family.

If you would like to discuss your loved one’s memorial service with S. Stibbards & Sons, please get in touch by visiting our contact page today. Our team can help you arrange a memorial service that commemorates the life of your loved one.


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