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Every funeral is truly unique and a chance to celebrate a life once lived. But, many decisions need to be made when funeral planning, and there are many choices available.

During a time of grief following a death, families want to be sure that they plan a funeral that reflects the personality of their loved one. And, there are now many different ways families can personalise their loved one’s funeral service.

Personalise The Order Of Service

Order of service booklets are normally handed out to friends and family at the start of a funeral service. Traditionally, they are pretty basic in terms of design and include a photograph on the front cover. However, these booklets provide a great opportunity to further personalise a funeral service.

You could include a collage of photographs on the front cover. You could even include captions that explain the photos and where they were was taken. Not only will this look colourful and creative, but it could also serve as a meaningful keepsake for mourners to take home with them.

Include a Splash of Colour

It’s now becoming more and more common for families to ask attendees to wear anything but black to their loved one’s funeral service. You could ask mourners bright colours, or an item of specific colour if the deceased had a favourite.

Alternatively, you could give colourful flowers to mourners as they arrive at the service which they could place on the coffin or casket, or take home as a keepsake.

Choose a Personalised Coffin or Casket

Many people in the UK are becoming more and more creative when it comes to choosing their loved one’s coffin or casket. There are now many craftsmen that specialise in creative coffins and caskets with a huge range of designs available.

Another creative idea would be to choose a plain coffin or casket and invite family and close friends to decorate it with messages and drawings. Some people actually find this comforting because it helps them find the words to say goodbye to their loved one.

Create a Memory Board

You could use a freestanding noticeboard to create a memory board of photos dedicated to the deceased’s life. It’s a great way of providing a space for mourners to come together at the funeral service and share memories with each other.

You also get creative by providing cards for mourners to write on. They could leave special messages, memories or their favourite characteristics of the deceased. After the funeral service, mourners could then choose their favourite photos and take them home as a keepsake.

Give Away Your Loved One’s Books

If your loved one liked to read books, then you could end up with a large library that you may struggle to find a new home for. However, one way to share their love for reading is by giving away their books at their funeral service. This way, mourners will be able to take a keepsake with them to enjoy in memory of the deceased’s life.

Arrange a Firework Display

If your loved one had a bright character, then a firework display can act as a great tribute and celebration of their life. However, make sure that you hire a qualified display team or follow all safety precautions if you plan on lighting them yourself.

You could even go one step further. You can now have ashes put into fireworks for a creative way of scattering your loved one’s ashes. While this option is suitable for all families, it’s undoubtedly a final goodbye that mourners would never forget.

Get a Live Band to Perform

A beneficial power that music has is that it can help with healing. It can keep the mind positive and help people cope in emotionally challenging situations like funerals. Live music at a funeral can also be calming and help with grief.

A live performance can be appropriate if you are looking to have a truly unique funeral service. As the musicians perform, it can help take mourners back in time and relive some of the memories they shared with your loved one.

Get Creative With The Funeral Transport

Black hearses may be a traditional form of funeral transport. But, you might feel that something a little more unique is in order. Fortunately, there any many funeral directors out there that now offer wider ranges of funeral transport to choose from.

Motorbike hearses and VW camper vans are amongst the newer forms of transport now available. Pushbike hearses are also any option if you would like to have a green funeral service for your loved one.

S. Stibbards & Sons Are Here to Help You

Whether you want a traditional service, add something unique, or want to do something completely different, there is no right or wrong way to go about organising one.

If you have recently lost a loved one and need help arranging a meaningful funeral service that truly reflects their life, then S. Stibbards & Sons can help. We have been serving our local community since 1867, which means every little detail matters to us just as much as it matters to you and your family.

If you would like to discuss your loved one’s funeral service with S. Stibbards & Sons, please get in touch by visiting our contact page today. Our team can help you arrange a funeral service that best celebrates their life.


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