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When a loved one sadly passes away and a cremation takes place, the last thing anybody would like to think about is the act of disposing of their remains. However, when the unfortunate time comes, you will need to have a plan in place. If you and your family have decided to scatter your loved one’s ashes instead of keeping them at home, then there are a few things that hardly anybody talks about that might help you prepare for the meaningful event.

Identify Who Is Going to Scatter The Ashes

In an ideal scenario, the specifics will have already been outlined in your loved one’s will. However, if no such plans were made ahead of time, then you are going to need to discuss the subject of who you want involved in the scattering of ashes. It’s best to talk to family and friends to see if they would like to participate in the event, or they would like some of the ashes saved to store them in their own homes. Otherwise, you could upset relatives who were hoping to keep a piece of their loved one, or be involved in the scattering of their ashes. Remember, that it is an emotionally difficult time for everyone who knew you’re loved, so it’s always best to approach the situation with compassion.

Plan Where to Scatter The Ashes

One thing to remember is that your loved one’s ashes don’t necessarily have to be scattered all at the same time, or even in the same location. If they left their wishes in a will, then this will ultimately dictate when, where and how many times their ashes are scattered. However, if they didn’t state their wishes before they passed away, then it will ultimately be down to you what happens to their ashes. In this situation, you should consider a few different factors in order to make their tribute a memorable one that reflects their life.

Did they have a favourite place? Did they always talk about visiting a certain place before they passed away? Talk to your family and friends about the best location(s) to scatter your loved one’s ashes. If you are looking for inspiration then here are some locations in the United Kingdom that are popular for scattering ashes.

At Home

After someone close passes away, many people prefer to keep their ashes nearby for a sense of comfort. However, one of the downsides is that if you choose to move property after scattering your loved one’s ashes, you might not have any rights to return and visit once the new homeowners have moved in. Before you decide to scatter the ashes at home, you should take some time to discuss it with your family and friends.

Rivers and Lakes

Scattering your loved one’s ashes in a river or lake can be a lovely way of giving them a beautiful send-off. Some people also like to attach flowers to the ashes so they can see their family member or friend float away peacefully.

In The Sea

Most beaches in the United Kingdom are easily accessible by foot, and you don’t even need a license in order to scatter ashes. However, it is important to be considerate of other people who are using the beach. It can get quite windy on the British coastline, so it’s always a good idea to stand downwind when scattering ashes.

A National Trust Site

The National Trust owns many beautiful and historical sites all across the United Kingdom. They don’t have any formal policy on the scattering of ashes and are happy to consider requests as long as there are no environmental problems and that the tributes are carried out in private.

Mountains and The Countryside

Mountains and the countryside can be beautiful settings for scattering ashes and saying goodbye to a loved one. However, do bear in mind that even though ashes are not toxic, they can have a negative impact on the ecosystem when scattered in large amounts. Also think about the location in which you want to scatter ashes as many picturesque spots will have visitors and tourists so you might struggle to find a private spot to hold the tribute.

Ask Somebody To Come With You

There are many pictures on the internet of people scattering ashes on their own. However, it’s actually a really good idea to consider bringing a close family member or friend with you. Having somebody close to you may help you get through the experience more comfortably.

Consider Capturing The Event

Some people like the remember scattering their loved one’s ashes, or even share the experience with others that couldn’t be present for the tribute. A great way to do this is to take a photo of the ashes in their container before you release them, and if you have somebody with you, then get them to take another photo of your scattering the ashes. You could also take photos of the journey to the location and the trip home.

Use Your Funeral Director as A Resource

Finally, it’s important for families and friends to remember that they’re not alone when somebody passes away. Funeral directors can be really helpful when you need answers to questions like where to scatter your loved one’s ashes (or whether to scatter them at all). Local directors can help with all sorts of questions regarding legality because they will be familiar with where ashes can be spread in your local community.

At S. Stibbards & Sons, we have been local funeral directors in Essex, serving our local community since 1867. If you have any questions regarding the scattering of your loved one’s ashes then, our friendly and compassionate team will be more than happy to answer them. If you would like to talk to us, then please get touch through our contact page today.


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