Early on in the arrangement, you will have to decide upon the type of funeral service you wish to have in memory of the deceased. This will often have an impact on your choice of venue for the service and the final place of rest. Our experienced funeral arrangers can advise you on all types of funeral service and how your choice of service might influence other aspects of the funeral.


Different religions mark the passing of life with different forms of service. A Christian service celebrates the life of the deceased and their entrance into a new eternal life, and will usually feature hymns, readings and prayer in remembrance of the loved one. Other religions recognise the passing of life with their own unique ceremonies and rituals according to the rules and traditions of the religion. Your religious leader will be able to advise you on the composition of an appropriate service in honour of your loved one. We will observe all religious and cultural beliefs and assist you in arranging the other elements of the funeral to fit with your religious service.

Funeral celebrant

There are a number of celebrants within the local area who will be able to provide a personal service based on your requirements. Some of these celebrants have religious training and are therefore able to combine religious aspects, such as hymns and prayers, with some of the more personal aspects the family desires.


There are no religious aspects to a humanist funeral service, focusing rather on paying tribute to the life and memory of the deceased. However, this does not mean that there should be anything in a humanist funeral service to offend the religious; a humanist service is simply an affectionate celebration of life.

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