The solid wood range includes both traditional and Italian-made coffins, which are supplied individually according to the needs of the family.

Head of Christ Coffin

Solid Italian-style coffin with high gloss finish, shown in oak but also available in mahogany. Swing handles with fixed crucifix and carved head of Christ to the side.

Sherbourne Casket

Solid oak or mahogany casket with triple raised lid and wood mount. Double moulding to base and lid, carved columns to each corner. Brass effect bar handles, matching wreath holders and inscription plate. Satin interior lining.

Cardingham Coffin

Solid timber coffin with intricately designed Last Supper panels fitted to each side. Italian interior set in satin and lace available in white, blue, pink and champagne.

Brocklebank Casket

Hand built traditional English casket in solid oak with raised lid. Quilted lining, three pairs of high quality handles and engraved inscription plate.

Cherwell Coffin

Solid oak coffin with raised panels and ends and triple moulded raised lid with hinged option. Six casket bar handles, a T-piece at each end and six matching wreath holders. Engraved nameplate central on lid.

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