Many people choose to have their loved one's ashes kept in an urn or casket for internment or as a personal memorial. Below is the selection of urns and caskets we offer.

Simple oak casket
£65 Simple oak casket View Simple oak casket
Moulded oak casket
£70 Moulded oak casket View Moulded oak casket
Carved mahogany casket
£105 Carved mahogany casket View Carved mahogany casket
Woven woollen casket
£125 Woven woollen casket View Woven woollen casket
Handmade casket
£135 Handmade casket View Handmade casket
Water hyacinth casket
£135 Water hyacinth casket View Water hyacinth casket
Personalised casket
£185 Personalised casket View Personalised casket
£185 Platinum View Platinum
Platinum keepsake
£60 Platinum keepsake View Platinum keepsake
Patina symphony
from £175 Patina symphony View Patina symphony
Pearl urn
£195 Pearl urn View Pearl urn
Althorp red
from £185 Althorp red View Althorp red
Durham brass
from £175 Durham brass View Durham brass
£185 Gold/silver View Gold/silver
Gold/silver keepsake
£65 Gold/silver keepsake View Gold/silver keepsake
Personalised slate urn
£325 Personalised slate urn View Personalised slate urn
Scatter tubes
from £35 Scatter tubes View Scatter tubes
Scatter tubes
from £35 Scatter tubes Scatter tubes
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